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Food processing, manufacturing and storage

Food processors and manufacturers must keep pests out of their premises – not only for the expensive damage they cause, but also to comply with regulations.

Any contamination from pests can lead to:

  • Loss of contaminated stock
  • Product recalls
  • Loss of reputation
  • Legal action

Given most pests are attracted to odours from food, keeping pests out of food processing facilities is easier said than done.

Fortunately, Statewide Pest Control have the resources and experience to carry out an integrated pest management strategy, which keeps pests at bay and helps you prove your compliance.

Trust the experts to get your pest management handled

Statewide Pest Control is part of Orkin Australia which is one of the biggest pest management businesses in Australia. Through Orkin we are capable of deploying resources across Victoria, or providing national service through Orkin Australia.

As one of Victoria’s most well-resourced pest management businesses, we provide our valued clients a dedicated account manager along with the same pest technician team that will provide your periodic pest management service.

We tailor our pest management solution to match our client’s requirements. We ensure that we meet the requirements of any necessary compliance standard, such as HACCP and ISO standards.

Our process

This is our tried and tested process for keeping food processing businesses compliant and free of pests year-round.

Step 1. We conduct a thorough audit – free of charge

We’re very experienced in food processing pest control, but it’s important we get a comprehensive understanding of every business we work with. We start with a free audit, where we:

  • Inspect your premises for pest entry points including hidden cavities and spots that pests may enter
  • Understand your supply chain
  • Assess your existing pest reports
  • Check your surrounding environment and familiarise ourselves with pests in the area, including how they interact with your environment during seasonal periods

Step 2. We assign you a dedicated account manager and pest control team

When you have an operation to manage and run, you need to have the one contact point to stay up to date with your pest management progress. It’s also important that you have the same technicians coming to your premises each time, so they know your business inside and out.

Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager giving you personalised service, and the one technician or team of technicians carrying out your pest management service.

Step 3. We design an integrated pest management strategy

Once we thoroughly understand your business and its risk of harbouring pests, we design a strategy to eradicate any existing pests and prevent future infestation. A pest management strategy can include:

  • Building and maintenance exclusion practices
  • Advice on good prevention practices
  • Pest inspections
  • Physical control methods
  • Chemical control methods
  • Managing the surrounding environment

Step 4. We use PesTrak to keep you updated on progress

Our unique and proprietary PesTrak system allows clients to monitor the progress of their pest control and keep all information about their pest management on hand.

PesTrak is a bait station monitoring tool that shows you all your baiting activities in real-time, as well as a list of certificates for any chemicals used on site and pest licences, insurance and certification details.

It allows our team to check up on your premises remotely in the event that you call us or we are automatically alerted that there is activity in one of the baiting stations using our PesTrak system. This allows us to take action if required.

In the chance that your premises is audited, you can be rest assured that all your documents for compliance purposes exist all in the one platform and can be accessed anytime 24/7, 365 days a year.

Legislation and compliance

Local and state governments regulate the food service and processing industry, and state that you must keep all food processing areas free from pests, vermin and contamination in order to stay compliant. Local council regularly monitor premises, and are quick to take enforcement action if you don’t meet food safety standards.

We have extensive knowledge and experience to keep you compliant with food manufacturing standards and regulations. As we take the time to understand your business and supply chain, we can tailor your pest management service to suit both internal and external requirements and standards

ISO compliant

If you need ISO compliance, we can adopt ISO standard pest management services within your premises to meet both internal and external requests. Our pest control strategies are compliant with your ISO accreditation.

HACCP certified

We are also able to apply HACCP standard pest management services and provide safe and effective pest control.

Other certified standards

If you require a custom standard, we accommodate to your request and can roll out a pest management solution to that satisfies both your internal and external pest management requirements.

Member of AEPMA

We are members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), which means we adhere to strict standards for insurance, licences and qualifications.

Common pests in food processing and manufacturing

Stored product pests

Stored product pests are beetles, moths and weevils found in foods that have been processed in some way, such as pasta, flour, biscuits, cereals and processed meats Given their ability to enter miniscule holes in packaging made of cardboard, plastic and foil, they can infest food anywhere along the supply chain and are difficult to control.

Stored product pests can cause huge financial damage for which distribution facilities can be held liable, so it’s important to have experts to keep them under control.


Rats and mice are frequently attracted to food manufacturing plants. They can enter your premises through gaps in the roof or walls, under doors, or come in on pallets of goods. They spread diseases, contaminate food and surfaces with their faeces, and gnaw through containers. In some cases, they can start electrical fires by gnawing through wiring. You will know if you have a rodent problem if you spot rat or mouse faeces, rub marks on the walls, or gnawing on containers. At the first sign of rodents, it’s essential to get a pest control professional in before they become a serious problem.


Like rodents, cockroaches spread diseases and contaminate large amounts of food. They feed from sewers and garbage areas, collecting diseases that can cause serious illness like typhoid, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

While they are frequently attracted to food processing plants, cockroaches are not allowed under food safety regulations, and if they are spotted during an inspection, you can be hit with serious penalties.

Cockroaches are very fast breeders. The common rule is that for every cockroach you see, there are ten more hidden out of sight, so it’s essential you get the professionals in as soon as you spot one.

Protect your business with the pest controllers you can trust

We know how important it is to keep pests out of your food processing business. Statewide Pest Control has a well-resourced team that will go above and beyond to keep you protected. If you take the reputation of your business seriously, call us for a free audit.

Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region
CALL 1300 467 546

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Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region
CALL 1300 467 546

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