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With a long established reputation in Victoria for quality pest control services and exceptional customer service, Statewide are available for all your pest treatments requirements in Dandenong and surrounding suburbs.

With over 25 years pest control experience working with both domestic and commercial customers on both large and small projects, we have an experienced team, runs on the board and resources to provide an exceptional  pest control service.

Fully Qualified Technicians In Dandenong For Pest Services & Treatments

All our pest technicians are fully qualified and accredited to work with our treatment options and techniques. Polite, friendly and experienced, they will go about our service with the least amount of fuss and inconvenience.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and communication. If you have any questions about a particular treatment or service, don't hesitate to ask our technicians or call us.

Commercial Treatments & Services

Our inspection and prevention services ensure you are not surprised with an infestation. We ensure your commercial or business buildings and dwellings remain free of rats, mice, spiders, birds and others pest problems that may interfere with your day to day operations.

Industries we service include food processing, warehouse pest control, storage, and hospitality and government facility pest services.

Domestic & Residential

Protecting your number 1 investment which in most cases is your family home is one of the most important considerations you can make for you and your family. Similarly if you own an investment property and are a landlord, you will want to ensure the investment is protected from unwanted surprises and added costs.

As the number one pest control company in Dandenong, our number one priority is to provide service to ensure the pest infestation risks to your home or investment property are limited. Our inspections and treatment services will put your mind at ease.

Pest Inspections

Scheduling a regular yearly inspection is important to keep on top of any potential risks. It's common that we find infestations or structural damage cockroach pest control Dandenongthat the owner previously did not know about. Infestations from termites for example, can happen over a period of time without any indication, and it's common for the owner to find out when it's too late.

We provide a thorough inspection and treatment service to mitigate further costs and surprises.

Pest Treatments

Particular pest control services we provide include:

  • Rodent control (Rats & Mice rodent control)
  • Ants treatments
  • Termite treatments (chemical and environmentally friendly baiting systems) - Free quotes
  • Cockroaches treatment and control
  • Bees and hive removal
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Stored Product Pests
  • Bird Control (proofing / netting / eradication)
  • Timber Pests


The termite pest is one of the most common pest problems you'll find anywhere in the world, and a responsible of millions of dollars of damage around Australia every year. Pest management by our pest control Dandenong team is the most efficient and cost effective method to treat termites and ensure your home and building are protected.

Our Exterra termite control and treatment system is the best way to monitoring, baiting, and eliminating termites. It's also the most efficient method and process to treat an existing termite infestation. We offer this service for both residential and business pest control customers.


Spiders are a natural part of the eco-system and are part of everyday life. However they can become a nuisance, and some are obviously venomous. spider pest control DandenongIt's important to ensure your family and pets are protected. Our pest control Dandenong team will inspect and treat your home or business for a spider pest infestation, and then recommend the most appropriate spider pest removal treatment.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious for infesting homes and accommodation like hotels and hospitals. Irritating and uncomfortable, they can also cause allergic reactions in some people. Due to their tiny size, they are very difficult to control and should be taken care of by pest maintenance professionals. Call us to discuss your Dandenong pest control options.


Cockroaches as well all know have been around for millions of years, and have a reputation for being one of toughest living creatures on the face of the earth. It's also no surprise that can also be a Dandenong pest nightmare. Our pest controllers have vast experience dealing with these critters, and can make sure we propose the best option and general pest advice to treat and remove cockroaches from the area. Cockroach control is important all over Australia, and South Vic, Dandenong, and Dandenong North Vic are no exceptions.

Construction & Pre Construction

We are expert pest controllers and pest evaluators for pre-construction and post construction projects in Dandenong Vic. Homeguard Blue installations provide a cost effective perimeter for all new home builds in Dandenong and surrounding suburbs and is one of the best ways to use our pest control services Dandenong and Dandenong North.

It's also important to ensure evaluations and treatments are implemented prior to construction. Ensuring buildings are constructed to limit infestations in the future is paramount for sustained protection.


Locations we provide professional the best pest control services across the region include:

  • Pest Control Dandenong
  • Melbourne treatment services
  • Dandenong North & South
  • Dandenong Ranges pest control
  • Endeavour Hills pest control
  • Noble Park pest control
  • Mulgrave pest control
  • Wheelers Hill pest control
  • Doveton control
  • Narre Warren pest control
  • Keysborough pest control

Call us today for all your pest control Dandenong requirements. Our professional pest controllers will get the job done quickly, efficiently and with exceptional customer service and pest treatment options.

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