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Home Guard Blue Termite Barrier Installations

Safe and quality HomeGuard installations in Melbourne & Victoria

Statewide Pest Control recommends HomeGuard installations to all new build properties across Victoria and the Riverina region.

What is HomeGuard Blue?

HomeGuard Blue is manufactured to the same strict standards set for all the HomeGuard range of products. Blue in colour, it is a 300 micron termite moisture barrier, specially designed for cost-effective perimeter cavity installations. It can be used in combination with other quality HomeGuard products.

What are the features?

  • Proudly Australian-made
  • A protective barrier system that kills, repels, and physically stops termites
  • APVMA registered and BCA approved
  • Quick to install minimising, joining, and cutting
  • A single-sheet, non-leaching moisture barrier
  • Non-sensitising and non-scheduled
  • Cost-effective without compromising on quality
  • Kind to the environment
  • Designed to last the life of the building
  • Backed by the HomeGuard Warranty

Does it replace the damp proof course?

No. HomeGuard Blue is not a damp proof course under AS 2870. Where a DPC is required, it should be installed separate to the HomeGuard Blue.

Is it covered by FMC’s warranty?

Yes, as long as the product is installed as per the registered label, the installation manual requirements and meets FMC’s warranty terms and conditions.

Where is HomeGuard Blue best suited?

HomeGuard Blue suits perimetre cavity installations where it can be installed at a very competitive price without compromise on quality or safety.

Where is it best suited?

Yes. The registered label and installation manual both allow this use. However, for common penetration sizes, HomeGuard collars are the most professional and time effective form of protection available.

How long will it last?

Like all their products, Blue uses advanced impregnation technology that locks the termiticide into the sheet for the design life of the building. It does not need topping up or recharging.

Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region
CALL 1300 467 546

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Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region

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