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Pest Control For Medical Centres, Hospital & Aged Care

As anyone from a hospital, aged care centre or similar facility would know, it’s essential to keep areas with vulnerable people clean and sterile.

While pests are annoying and unsightly, they are most notorious for their disease-carrying abilities, which is why it’s so important to keep them away from the hospital and aged care areas. The biggest danger they pose is their ability to contaminate foodstuffs which are then consumed by patients at risk of contracting food-borne illnesses.

At Statewide Pest Control, we are trained and experienced in pest management for sensitive environments like medical facilities, and we can implement the right program to keep you compliant and your patients safe.

Reliable, thorough pest management

Statewide Pest Control technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about managing pest control in medical centres and facilities with vulnerable people. As a subsidiary of Orkin Australia, we are part of one of Australia’s biggest pest management businesses, which gives us the capability to quickly deploy resources across Victoria or the rest of the country.

We are 100% committed to every client – we provide you with a dedicated account manager and pest technician team who will look after all your pest management strategy, monitoring and service.

Experienced with everything from small medical practices to hospitals, we design a pest management strategy specific to your requirements. We also meet the requirements of any necessary compliance standard, including FSANZ, HACCP, and ISO.

Our process

We have an established, effective process to manage pests in warehouses and distribution facilities.

Step 1. We conduct a free audit of your business and facility

It’s important we get a thorough understanding of every business we work with, so we can assess your risks or the presence of pests. We:

  • Understand your daily operations
  • Understand how supplies enter the facility and food is made and served
  • Assess the layout of the facility to identify possible pest hiding spaces and entry points
  • Check your existing pest reports
  • Inspect the surrounding environment, for any places that pests may enter your facility from

Step 2. We assign you your own pest control team

With the intricacies of hospitals and aged care, your pest management needs to be done by people who know your business inside and out. We give you a dedicated account manager and pest control technicians, who keep a close eye on pest management across your operation.

Step 3. We plan out your Integrated Pest Management program

Once we thoroughly understand your facilities, operations and associated risks, we design an integrated pest management program with three main steps: inspect, identify and treat.

This can include:

  • Building and maintenance exclusion practices
  • Advice on good housekeeping and sanitation
  • Advice on best practice for supplies entering the premises
  • Pest inspections
  • Physical control methods
  • Chemical control methods
  • Managing the surrounding environment

Step 4. We use PesTrak to keep you up to date and keep track of your compliance

Our proprietary PesTrak system is a bait station monitoring tool that shows you all your baiting activities in real-time, and allows us to keep a close eye on your facilities. If you call us or we get an automatic alert about activity in a baiting station, we can remotely check your facility and take action if required.

This means we can check up on your premises remotely in the event that you call us, or the PesTrak system alerted us that there is activity in one of the baiting stations. This allows us to take action immediately if it’s needed.

If you are audited, all your pest control compliance-related documents are kept together on the platform where you can access them anytime 24/7, 365 days a year.

Legislation and compliance

Hospitals and aged care facilities have strict controls for safety and hygiene standards. A pest sighting or a resultant infection can ruin your reputation, seriously harm patients, and make you liable for prosecution.

Given how easy it is for pests to enter warehouses on delivered goods or simply through the front entrance door, it’s important to get experienced pest controllers in to keep you compliant.

Statewide Pest Control are across the standards needed for pest control compliance in these facilities. As we spend a long time getting to know your business and operations, we can also tailor a solution that meets any additional specific compliance needs

FSANZ Standard 3.3.1 compliant

Food Safety Australia and New Zealand closely regulates hospitals, aged care facilities and medical centres. In particular, Standard 3.3.1 is a special standard for food service to vulnerable people. We can provide the necessary management services to keep the pest control side of your operations compliant with this standard.

ISO compliant

If you need ISO compliance, we can adopt ISO standard pest management services within your premises to meet both internal and external requests. Our pest control strategies are compliant with your ISO accreditation.

HACCP certified

Any warehouse or distribution facilities that work with food will need to meet food safety HACCP standards, which we are certified to apply pest management for.

Other certified standards

For any other standards you need, we can roll out a pest management solution that meets both your internal and external pest management requirements.

Pests notorious to hospitals and aged care facilities

Bed bugs

Bed bugs in one room of a hospital can easily spread to the entire facility and wreak havoc among the patients. It is important to monitor for bed bugs by regularly checking bed sheets and mattresses for signs of reddish stains, eggs, and the bugs’ exoskeletons.

We train you in the detection and put the right systems in place to monitor treatment.


Flies are attracted to the organic material and food waste disposed of from medical facilities. Flies can carry over 100 disease-causing pathogens, so it’s essential to keep them away from people at high risk of infection.


Rats and mice are attracted to the food and warmth of medical facilities. They can enter your premises through gaps in the roof or walls, under doors, or even come in on deliveries of goods. They spread diseases and contaminate food and surfaces. In some cases, they can start electrical fires by gnawing through wiring. You will know if you have a rodent problem if you spot rat or mouse faeces, rub marks on the walls, or gnawing on containers. At the first sign of rodents, it’s essential to get a pest control professional in before they become a serious problem.

Protect your business and patients with the pest controllers you can trust

We know how important it is to keep your hospital or aged care centre pest-free – for the sake of both your business reputation and the people you look after. Statewide Pest Control has a well-resourced and experienced team that will go above and beyond to keep you protected and your patients safe. Call us for a free audit.

Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region
CALL 1300 467 546

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Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region
CALL 1300 467 546

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