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Schools and universities

It’s important for educational facilities to maintain a clean, safe environment, to prevent injury, illness or damage to property. Unfortunately, the large numbers of students, open spaces, and untidy areas of schools frequently attract pests to these areas. Children and adolescents are more vulnerable to the toxicity of pesticides, so any pest management needs to be administered carefully.

Statewide Pest Control are trained and experienced in providing integrated pest management solutions for schools and universities. Licensed to keep schools safe from pesticides, our strategies take into account the behaviour of pests, the surrounding environment, and how each area is used, so we can safely keep pests away while protecting students from harm.

Safe and thorough pest management

Statewide Pest Control technicians are highly knowledgeable about administering safe pest control in educational facilities. As a subsidiary of Orkin Australia, we are part of one of Australia’s biggest pest management businesses, which gives us the capability to quickly deploy resources across Victoria or the rest of the country.

We are 100% committed to every client – we provide you with a dedicated account manager and pest technician team who will look after all your pest management strategy, monitoring and service.

Experienced with everything from small learning centres to universities, we design a pest management strategy specific to your requirements. We also meet the requirements of any necessary compliance standard, including HACCP and ISO, and all our pesticides are licensed by APVMA.

Integrated pest management plan

We provide all schools and universities with an integrated pest management plan, which takes into account behaviour and biology of pests, interaction with the environment, and how to treat with the least hazard to people, property and the environment.

We have a tried and tested process for effectively managing pests in education facilities.

Step 1. We conduct a free audit of your school or university

It’s important we get a thorough understanding of every school we work with, so we can assess your risks or the presence of pests. We:

  • Understand your daily operations and how spaces are used
  • Understand the building design and grounds
  • Assess the layout of the school to identify possible pest dwelling spaces and building entry points
  • Understand all food areas, including tuckshops and commercial kitchens
  • Check your existing pest reports
  • Inspect the surrounding outdoor environment

Step 2. We assign you your own pest control team

The size and factors involved in educational facilities mean your pest management needs to be done the one team. We give you a dedicated account manager and pest control technicians, who keep a close eye on pests and their management across your school.

Step 3. We plan out your pest management program

Once we thoroughly understand your facilities, operations and associated risks, we design your integrated pest management program with three main focus areas: inspect, identify and treat.

This can include:

  • Building and maintenance exclusion practices
  • Advice on good housekeeping and sanitation for students and educators
  • Advice on best practice for supplies entering the premises
  • Pest inspections
  • Physical control methods
  • Safe chemical control methods
  • Managing the surrounding environment

Step 4. We use PesTrak to keep you up to date and keep track of your compliance

Our proprietary PesTrak system is a bait station monitoring tool that shows you all your baiting activities in real-time and allows us to keep a close eye on your facilities. If you call us or we get an automatic alert about activity in a baiting station, we can remotely check your facility and take action if required.

This means we can check up on your premises remotely in the event that you call us, or the PesTrak system alerted us that there is activity in one of the baiting stations. This allows us to take action immediately if it’s needed.

If you are audited for your pest control, all your compliance-related documents are kept together on the platform where you can access them anytime 24/7, 365 days a year.

Legislation, compliance and standards

Pest control is closely monitored in educational centres mainly to ensure chemicals are used safely. Government regulations state that anyone who wants to apply pesticides in a school must have the appropriate training. What’s more, they must keep records of all pesticides applications and use pesticides registered with APVMA

We are across all required standards for schools, and our pesticides are registered with APVMA. We are also compliant with the following standards:

ISO compliant

If you need ISO compliance, we can adopt ISO standard pest management services within your premises to meet both internal and external requests. Our pest control strategies are compliant with your ISO accreditation.

HACCP certified

We are certified to apply pest management to meet HACCP standards for your food areas, such as tuckshops and cafeterias.

Other certified standards

For any other standards you need, we can roll out a pest management solution that meets both your internal and external pest management requirements.

Pests common in schools and university campuses


Termites feed on wooden structures and are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage every year. Once they infest a building, they compromise its stability and safety.

Termites can go unnoticed for a long time, and by the time you do notice changes, it can be too late. We recommend getting a regular termite inspection and can provide necessary prevention and treatment systems.


Cockroaches are attracted to any areas with food, such as commercial kitchens, rubbish bins, and communal eating areas. They spread diseases and can contaminate any stored food in tuckshops and kitchens.

They are also very fast breeders. The common rule is that for every cockroach you see, there are ten more hidden out of sight, so it’s essential you get professional pest control in as soon as you spot one.


Ants are attracted to any areas with food, such as kitchens and communal eating areas. As well as being unhygienic and unsightly, they can cause bites to young children. Ants are quite difficult to control, but we have proven, effective solutions for eradicating them in many different campus settings.


Flies are attracted to any organic material and are easily drawn to food sources on school and university campuses. They can carry over 100 disease-causing pathogens, so it’s essential to keep them away from highly populated areas.

Protect your school or university with safe, effective pest control

We know how important it is to keep education facilities pest-free without the use of harmful chemicals. Statewide Pest Control has a well-resourced and experienced team that will go above and beyond to administer the highest standard of pest management for your campus. Call us for a free audit.

Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region
CALL 1300 467 546

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Servicing Victoria
and the
Riverina region
CALL 1300 467 546

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